February 2012

BRE 135 Large Scale Fire Test Passed

In April 2012 Insuletics Insul-Sil P, phenolic insulation based (EWI) system was put through the full scale BS 8414 fire test at the Building Research Establishment facility in Watford. This test allowed the system to be assessed in accordance with BRE Report 135 Fire performance of external thermal insulation for walls of multi-storey buildings.

This full scale fire test reached temperatures in excess of 900ᵒC during the 60 minute test period and is representative of a fire in a flat, breaking out of a window and attacking the exterior of the structure.

Post cooling down examination determined that the system had successfully passed to BRE 135, which enables the system to be installed on High Rise structures without the need for fire breaks; delivering effective and efficient design and installation benefits to the client.