Esiform Properties

Project Background

Wates Living Space Eastern have been undertaking EWI upgrade work for St. Leger Homes in the Doncaster area for several years. Whilst this programme has improved the thermal performance of many social homes there are many privately owned homes that still require refurbishment.

The “Green Deal” programme launched January 2013 enables the owners of privately owned houses and private landlords to have energy saving work undertaken on their property such as the installation of EWI without, in most cases, any upfront cost. The cost of the work is then paid for via loan which is paid back as part of the electricity bills. The key point is that there is a Green Deal “Golden Rule“, which is that the cost of the loan should not be more than the savings made on the energy bills.

Wates Living Space Eastern are keen to become one of the key Green Deal providers and as such wanted to get a head start by tackling the provision of external wall insulation to 200 + privately owned properties in Doncaster using CESP funding.

Project Challenges

The Easiform type properties were built between 1945 and 1971 and consist of two skins of 3 ½” insitu concrete with a 2” cavity. These properties are very thermally inefficient and are of Non-Traditional construction. The thermal image shows how the insulation improves the thermal efficiency as the red colour indicates a high surface temperature hence heat loss. The yellow colour is a lower surface temperature indicating the heat has been trapped.

Although these properties have a cavity it is deemed inappropriate to use cavity fill insulation as the external leaf of concrete contains some reinforcement that requires protection from the elements. Insuletics Insul-Dash system will provide this protection.

The System & Results

The project specification required that a U value of at least 0.3 w/m2K be achieved and a dash finish used that matched the existing refurbished houses on the estate.

The Insuletics Insul-Dash E system incorporating 90mm of enhanced polystyrene was chosen by Wates to refurbish the Easiform type properties and to meet the project brief.

Insuletics provided samples of the dash finishes having taken photographs for comparison and this was accepted by Wates.

The scheme started mid-September 2012 and were completed January 2013.