New Port, Middlesborough

Solid Wall Properties

Project Background

In central Middlesbrough there are many streets of Victorian solid brick terraced properties.

As with many Victorian terrace type properties, these have bay windows to the front elevation and are L shaped on plan form with a two/single storey rear section that projects into a rear yard.

Eco funding was secured to thermally upgrade a significant number of privately owned and private rented properties in the area.

These houses have an existing U value of circa 2.1 w/m2K and the brickwork/mortar pointing is generally in very poor condition. These properties are therefore ideal for thermal upgrade using external wall insulation.

The Insuletics Insul-Cryl E™ BBA approved system was selected as the most appropriate system to meet the clients requirements and Ecotherm Systems Ltd were contracted to install the system.


Project Challenges

In order to select a suitable fixing Insuletics undertook a series of fixing pull out tests using In-House test equipment and engineers.

A set of project specific details and specifications was then produced to cover all of the required detailing.

As these properties do not have any eaves overhang and it would be difficult to extend the roofs and capping trim has been installed to protect the top of the system. Where the rain water outlets are positioned it is necessary to start and stop the cap flashing and form a recess for the rain water swan neck. Historically these recesses have been formed using sections of beading that is joined together however this is difficult and time consuming.

Insuletics have therefore developed a purpose made prefabricated rain water swan neck recess box that speeds up the installation and also ensures that a good seal is achieved.

In order to ensure that a consistent colour match could be achieved to some properties that had previously been rendered Insuletics took a wide range of colours to the site to allow the initial selection to be made. A series of sample boards were then prepared to show the colour options to enable the client to make the final selection.

The System & Results

The Condensation Risk and U value calculations provide by Insuletics demonstrated that a 90mm enhanced expanded Polystyrene insulation material would enable the target U value of 0.3 w/m2K to be achieved.

The Insul-Cryl E system was used with an Insul-Acryl 1.5mm grade acrylic finish in Wheaten colour.

The overall finished system provides a fresh modern look to the street scene.