Render Only


Render Only

Insuletics also offer wide range of render only specifications that can be applied to existing or new blockwork, brickwork , concrete or sheathing boards without insulation.

Please contact us for further advice if you require a render only specification .

Available Primer / Base Coat:

Insul-Standard Base Render – A high quality all purpose sprayable base coat with excellent workability qualities, designed to be used over block work as a primary coat for Insuletics finishes and is ideal as the background for thin coat acrylic finishes.

Insul-Fibre Base Coat – Has all the qualities of the Insul-Standard Base Render, but with increased impact resistance and tensile strength.

Insul-Poly 12 Base Render – uses ‘High Polymer’ technology for a cost effective, enhanced performance on difficult substrates. It is ideal as a stipple coat or for dense backgrounds and has increased water resistance and adhesion. Incorporation of Insueltics alkali resistant reinforcing mesh may be required.

Insul-Poly 14 Base Render – uses “High Polymer” technology for a cost effective, enhanced performance onto a wide variety of substrates. It is designed as the ideal background for the full range of the Insuletics finishes. Incorporation of Insueltics alkali resistant reinforcing mesh may be required.

Insul-HPX Base Render – Ultra high performance render incorporating high polymer technology and fibres. Used on unusual substrates requiring greater flexibility and adhesion, often incorporating an alkali resistant reinforcing mesh.

Insul-Primer – a low odour, ready to use primer which is quick and easy to apply by brush, roller or spray. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Insul-Acryl and Insul-Sil finishes and is available in a wide range of colours to co-ordinate to the colour of the selected finish.

Available Top Coat:

Insul-Sil Roughcast Render – a wet dash type product that can be applied over the Insul-dash receiver render as an excellent low maintenance alternative to dry dash and traditional painted finishes.

Insul-Sil FT Render – Insul-Sil FT is a water repellent, cement-based and polymer modified self-coloured render, requiring only the addition of water and 10 minutes’ mixing time

Insul-Sil Spray E Render – A spray applied render that uses innovative silicone technology. Silicone Spray E Grade is designed for use with render spray machines. They are ideal for larger projects where the speed of machine application can offer time saving benefits.

Insul-Sil Silicone Dash Render – Incorporating silicone technology, Silicone Dash is normally applied over the Insuletics Base Coats as a background surface for dry dash or Roughcast finishes.

Insul-Sil Overcoating Dash Render – Specifically designed for refurbishment. Insul-Sil Overcoating Dash render is light and easy to use silicone based render that gives excellent coverage over existing dry dash finishes. Surfaces to be over coated should be free from contamination (algae, oil and paint) and may require priming with R7 liquid acrylic prior to application.

Insul-Sil Spray Dash Render – a spray applied dash receiver render that can be rapidly applied.

Insul-Dash Render – This BBA Approved polymer modified dash receiver render can be supplied in a range of 20 standard colours and offers good value for dry dashing.

Insul-Mace Render – This BBA Approved polymer modified render provides an attractive brick effect coloured external render, particularly suitable for refurbishment projects where new brick work cannot be used. It is normally applied to the Insuletics Base Coats in two different coloured coats, wet on wet. The top coat is then cut through to expose the mortar layer. The mortar joints create a brick effect finish.

Insul-Dash Render 30 Year Design Life BBA Approved

Insulation Type:
Not Required

Insul-Rend 30 Year Design Life BBA Approved

Insulation Type:
Not Required

Insul-Mace 30 Year Design Life BBA Approved

Insulation Type:
Not Required